About Us


Care Federation places emphasis on the unity and solidarity of its Trekkers and Crew. These phrases originate from our interest in Star Trek, where friendship, cohesiveness and a spirit of adventure are valued above all else. The term Federation stems from the 'United Federation of Planets', an organisation in the show that prides itself on cooperation, affability and respect, and these are values which we seek to uphold. Staff and carers are referred to as 'Crew', much like the crew of the star ship Enterprise, with individuals and their families referred to as 'Trekkers', a nod to the show's fan base. The unifying power of a show like Star Trek reflects our desire to unite our Trekkers in gaining the best possible service and making life as easy as possible.

The idea of trekking facilitated the realisation that on any journey, surrounding yourself with good people is important, and Care Federation makes it easy to surround yourself with the best quality carers of your choice. Togetherness, friendliness and a community vibe are important to us, because we know that much like the heroes of Star Trek, you have a lot to offer, and we make it easy for you to trek as far and as wide as you wish.