Individuals with disabilities and families

How does the Care Federation service work for me?

As an individual with a disability requiring services through Care Federation you have a direct relationship with the carers supporting you and your family. This means your contact (unlike a 'traditional' attendant care agency) is directly with the carer. This involves you and your family having complete control over everything relating to recruitment and selection of carers, day-to-day care arrangements including rostering, negotiation of duties, etc. Care Federation exists to empower your relationship with your chosen carer(s).

Care Federation's key role is to undertake all the administrative aspects of employing your chosen carer on behalf of you and your family. Our responsibilities include - Paying wages , Superannuation, Workcover, relevant taxes, insurances and ensuring that the appropriate checks are in place and remain current for each of your carers e.g police checks, etc. This provides the opportunity for you and your family to have choice and control over your care arrangements without us getting in the way!

Care Federation service facilitates you and your family being able to happily enjoy your carer choices and stay in control of making your own decisions, while not having to worry about employment administration.

If you have any queries you should contact our office via email